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Flipped Classroom: Research-Based Strategies & Practical Resources

Pedagogy and Instruction | Aug 25 - 1:30pm

Did you think “flipped classroom” just means videos at home and textbook questions in class? Think again! In this workshop, we’ll be discussing specific practices for a dynamic and engaging flipped classroom that have been found to more than double student learning! We’ll find ways to adapt these research-based techniques for successful learning through the pandemic, whether we are physically distanced in person or teaching remotely. This workshop is relevant for teaching any academic subject from Grade 6 to 12, but as a bonus, I’ll also be sharing some ready-to-teach materials specific to mathematics and financial literacy.

Presented by

  • Anneke Gretton

    Physics and Chemistry teacher at King’s Christian Collegiate in Oakville, ON


Grade 6-12 educators

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