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How to Use and Integrate Flipgrid in Any Classroom

Pedagogy and Instruction | Aug 17 - 1:30pm

This session will help you learn the basics of how to use Flipgrid as well as ways that the tool can be integrated into your classes. Are you looking for tools to increase student engagement in online teaching, flipped classrooms, or an in-person setting? Flipgrid is an engaging tool that can be useful in any classroom setting and in any subject area. It allows students to have their own voice and to learn how to communicate their understanding to their peers. I will give specific examples of how I have used Flipgrid in both my Science and English classes, and how I plan to continue using it in the context of my Flipped Classes in the fall. You will also learn the practical basics on how to get started with Flipgrid in your own classes, and have a chance to try Flipgrid out during the session.

Presented by

  • Jessie Rath

    High School Math, Chemistry, Physics and English teacher at North Toronto Christian School in North York, ON


Grade 7-12 educators

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