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Two Ready-to-Teach Financial Literacy PBLs

Pedagogy and Instruction | Aug 24 - 11:00am

Do you love project-based learning, but don’t have time to create a great project right now? Last year, a team of Christian school teachers worked together to create two financial literacy PBLs that we would love to share with you! The projects have been adapted for teaching through the pandemic, whether we are physically distancing in person or teaching remotely. You’ll leave this workshop with all of the resources and rubrics you need to teach either or both of these financial literacy PBLs, suitable for the new math curriculum in Grade 7 and 8 or Grade 10 Careers.

Presented by

  • Anneke Gretton

    Physics and Chemistry teacher at King’s Christian Collegiate in Oakville, ON


Grade 7 & 8 educators and Grade 10 Careers teachers

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