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CMI Global Conference 2021

June 17th – June 19th, 2021

Science and Nature Study: Fresh Approaches to the Integration of Science and Faith in Christian Education

Are you looking for fresh ideas for teaching science? Are you thinking more about the intersection of science and faith and how it matters for education?

Educators across the world are increasingly exploring how schooling can include more nature—more nature study, more time outdoors, and more living knowledge and experience of local birds, animals, insects, plants, trees, and the land.

The Charlotte Mason Institute is in its 17th conference year and brings educators together from all walks of life and all forms of education. The ideas of Charlotte Mason for an education focused on building relationships—with God, with the universe, with others (those from other era and places, past, present, and future)—continues to inspire teachers and parents to create a living environment filled with books, experiences, nature, and ideas.

This year’s conference runs from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, June 17-19, 2021. As it is being delivered virtually, educators from around the world are invited. Many are creating mini conferences from the larger one, attending together in smaller groups at schools or retreat centres. Others are attending from home but tapping into watch cohorts.

A cohort of Christian school educators are attending virtually from Canada and will meet at specified times for conversation and reflection hosted by Justin Cook, Director of Learning with Edvance. The conference has a virtual lounge dedicated for these participants.

If you’re an elementary or secondary teacher, and you’ve been thinking about how to better integrate faith and science, and in particular, how to improve your science classes, please consider joining in this year’s CMI Global Conference with the Edvance cohort. Plans include: seven keynotes by leading scientists and Christian intellectuals and a keynote by the celebrity nature artist and teacher, John Muir Laws. The conference also includes 36 workshops, available for 30-days after the conference, many touching on aspects of teaching science and nature study. Hamilton, Ontario’s Dawn Berkelaar, a Calvin University instructor, will lead a session with her daughter, Mora, on their pandemic experience of learning how to identify and paint birds while on their daily walks in and around the city.

To learn more about the conference, or if you or your colleagues want to join in the Edvance Attendee Cohort, click on the button below (if it doesn't come up automatically, the registration code is “Edvance”):

And if your school is a member of the Christian School Foundation, the Christian School Foundation will pay $50.00 CDN towards the registration fees of the first 20 registrants that meet this membership criteria and apply for reimbursement. Find out more here.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Deani Van Pelt or Justin Cook at Edvance. We’d love to welcome you there!