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Edvance Annual Gathering 2020

October 29th, 2020

“Opening Doors"

Christian schools play a fundamental role in shaping the values that inform how students encounter and contribute to the world locally and globally. We live in an age where both the importance and the risks of our local human connections are being scrutinized more than ever, and our communities feel vulnerable in the face of significant global tensions. How do we navigate issues such as health, race, and identity with a sense of shared purpose and honoured differences such that community and character blossom? How can we pursue the call to love our neighbour with local action and global awareness without feeling overwhelmed? What doors can the school open with students to encourage courageous encounters with and for the world?

Cultural commentator David Brooks and educators Dr. Mary Ashun and Dr. Steve Sider explore these questions—helping us to understand our cultural moment and urging us to open doors with our students that can lead to local, and even global, flourishing.

Annual Gathering Keynote Sessions

Session One: "How Your Classroom Changes the World" featuring David Brooks

Session Two: "Another Torn Veil: Having the Courage to Boldly Go Through..." featuring Dr. Mary Ashun

Session Three: “Whose Education Counts? A Personal Reckoning of Who is my Neighbour” featuring Dr. Steve Sider

Session Four: "How To Really Know Your Students" featuring David Brooks

Supplemental Discussion Modules

The following supplemental discussion materials can be used to help school leaders guide their staff in further discussion on the topics from the Annual Gathering. If you’d like to brainstorm about how to use these modules with your team, please contact Justin Cook at justin.cook@edvance.ca. Each module includes additional readings and videos to enhance your discussion time and each can stand alone as a separate 75-minute session.


**** The registration site for the Edvance Annual Gathering 2020 is now closed. If you are interested in purchasing the recorded replay of this event, please contact the Edvance office to inquire at info@edvance.ca or (289) 203-7171.