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Edvance Back to School Bootcamp

August 17th – September 4th, 2020

The fall of 2020 is a return to school unlike any other. The Edvance Back to School Bootcamp is designed to help Christian school educators prepare as best they can for flexibility and excellence in the face of changing circumstances.

The Back to School Bootcamp features 35+ workshops led by experienced educators and experts on a range of topics, from hybrid learning lesson design to flipped instruction to a deeper dive on digital platforms.

See the complete list of workshop sessions and descriptions here.

Bootcamp Details

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of The Christian School Foundation, access to the Bootcamp is FREE for Christian elementary and secondary school educators across Canada.

Plenary Sessions

COVID-19 and the Christian School: Key Understandings and Correcting Misconceptions

Monday, August 17, 2020 at 11:00 am ET

Presented by: Ben McFarland, professor of biochemistry and chair of the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA

What exactly is a novel coronavirus and why are we shutting down schools and businesses to fight it? The human immune system has several branches that fight diseases, from the B cells that make antibodies to the T cells that search for viruses. Recent studies have shown how immunity to the novel coronavirus develops, opening the door to life-saving treatments or vaccines. As Christians and teachers, we can approach these findings and predictions with humility, faith, and hope as we look to the future. As we prepare for a complex school year with possible distancing and cohorting restrictions, this plenary session for all educators will deepen your own understanding of COVID-19 and prepare you to speak with your students and families about the pandemic with both wisdom and clarity.

Seeing Race through the Eyes of Faith

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 11:00 am ET

Presented by: Denley McIntosh, Change Management Lead at Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Christian organizations committed to a journey of discovery on race must begin by creating an atmosphere of openness and understanding among educators and leaders. This atmosphere creates space for meaningful and empathetic action that naturally flows out in the Spirit. This session will partner with attendees in the following:

  • to create space for conversation that goes beyond the session and improves our understanding of racial inclusion
  • to recognize biases and blind spots (and recognize that other people’s experiences are different than ours) and increase the collective need for diversity
  • to unearth assumptions about how to do activities, lessons and/or events that unintentionally exclude those of a visible minority
  • to discover some short- and long-term next steps to continue the journey of discovery and belonging for racial diversity

Thank you to The Christian School Foundation for their generous sponsorship of the Edvance Back to School Bootcamp!