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Edvance District PD Days 2020

March 27th, 2020

People of God's Story: A Biblical Understanding for Deeper Learning Lesson Design

Facilitated by Steven Levy and Justin Cook

Christian Deeper Learning roots all learning in our identity as “People of God’s Story.” What exactly is "God's Story?" How do we support students to find and play their part in it? How do we invite them to actually experience it, not just learn about it? 

 All of us yearn for our students’ learning to be deeply connected to their faith. Join colleagues from your school’s region to deepen our shared understanding of how the Bible is God’s unfolding story for us and for all creation, and to design lessons that invite students to experience it as they learn about themselves and about the world. 

Guiding Questions:

  • How do my teaching practices align with the Biblical story?
  • What kinds of teaching practices engage students actively in God’s story and invite them to play their role?
  • What do I need to do to reshape my practices to align with the Biblical story?

 Learning Targets:

  • I can summarize the Bible as one unified story.
  • I can identify explicit and implicit formative elements of lesson design.
  • I can collaborate with colleagues to design deeper learning lessons aligned to the Biblical story.

Dates and Locations

  • February 14* - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm - Grand Region @ Calvin Christian School, Hamilton (map)
  • March 27** - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm - Toronto Region @ TDChristian High School, Woodbridge (map)
  • April 3 - 9:00 am - 3:30 pm - Seaway Valley Region @ Kingston Christian School, Kingston (map)
  • April 17 - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm - Durham Region @ Knox Christian School, Bowmanville (map)
  • April 24 - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm - Bluewater Region @ Strathroy Community Christian School, Strathroy (map)

* due to scheduling conflicts, this session will be facilitated by Steven Levy only

** due to scheduling conflicts, this session will be facilitated by Justin Cook only

Agenda for the Day

8:30 - 9:00 am - Registration

9:00 - 9:30 am - Opening Circle

9:30 - 10:30 am -  Session 1 – Seeing Anew: People of God's Story

10:30 - 11:00 am - Refreshment Break

11:00 -  12:00 pm - Session 2 – Choosing Engagement: A Lesson Design Critique  

12:00 -  12:45 pm - Lunch

12:45 -  1:30 pm - Session 3 – Reshaping Practice: Reflection and Resources

1:30 - 1:45 pm - Break

1:45 -  2:45 pm - Session 4 – Reshaping Practice: Designing Your Own Deeper Lessons

2:45 - 3:00 pm - Closing Circle

Download the PD Days flyer


Edvance Affiliates: $60 per attendee

Non Affiliates: $120 per attendee

(registration includes refreshments and lunch)

Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Please note that there will be a $40 cancellation fee for any registration cancelled within a week of the chosen PD day. Substitutions will be allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Edvance office at info@edvance.ca or 289-203-7171.


Steven Levy spent 28 years teaching in classrooms K-12, and 16 years as a school designer for EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) before becoming an independent educational consultant and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education. He guides teachers in designing service-based curriculum, engaging instructional practices, student owned assessments, and spiritual formation. He was recognized as the Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year and honoured by the Disney American Teacher Awards as the national Outstanding General Elementary Teacher. Mr. Levy was the recipient of the Autodesk National Award for his impact on project-based learning, and received the John F. Kennedy Prize for the teaching of history. Mr. Levy and his fourth grade students were designated "Conservation Heroes" by the National Park Service for their study of the effects of a local bike path on the environment and the community. Mr. Levy has written various articles for educational journals, and his book, Starting From Scratch, details some of the projects and students he has worked with in his elementary classrooms.

Justin Cook is, in many ways, a product of the Christian education that he now serves. In addition to being a graduate of Calvin Christian School and Hamilton District Christian High School, Justin attended Redeemer University College (B.A. Hon. in English) and Calvin College for his professional education certification, which led to becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher. After teaching at Surrey Christian Schools in British Columbia, Toronto District Christian High School, and Hamilton District Christian High School, Justin joined the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools in 2013 as the Director of Learning. Justin now partners with Edvance affiliate schools in a vision of learning for flourishing communities, supporting schools to develop a learning vision that helps students to thrive as engaged citizens committed to their local communities and rooted in a vision of the interdependence and right-relatedness of all things through Christ’s reconciling reign. This desire to engage with students in purpose and hope for the future has connected Justin with Christian Deeper Learning colleagues and speaking engagements across Canada, the United States, and internationally. As a passionate Christian educator, Justin frequently hosts international educators in learning from Edvance schools and he leads learning trips to schools and systems renowned and respected for their learning innovations in Canada, the United States, Finland, and Australia. At home, Justin and his wife Rachel (and their three beautiful children!) love trying to live intentionally in their neighborhood: sharing and restoring a multi-unit house, practicing hospitality, walking to church, and feasting with friends. Justin is currently an M.A. candidate at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.