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Education and the legislation around it is constantly changing. Stay on top of the changes. Participate in the influence.

To achieve our goal to create a broader conversation about and recognition for Christian education in Canada, our advocacy services go beyond engagement with governmental organizations, industry institutions, and independent school associations. We'll raise the profile of your local school and the Christian school sector as a whole. These services are all about helpful advice and up-to-date information that’s relevant to you and your school.

Affiliated schools gain access to:

  • On-site support for Ministry of Education and Training inspections
  • Information on Employment Standards Act & Workplace Health and Safety
  • Insight on charity law & human rights law
  • Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency compliance

Supporting Students

We launched the Supporting Students campaign as part of the Supporting Students Coalition to address the inequities of the Ontario government’s response to COVID-19. Keeping students safe from COVID-19 isn’t a public school issue; it's a public health issue.  

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