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Financial wealth is a gift from God and we’re called to be stewards of this gift. Rather than taking a “scarcity” position or mentality, we take an abundance approach. Our finances are a blessing. When our operations are stewarded and managed well, our schools can be strong, stable, and poised for growth.

There’s no need to go it alone. Build a well-managed, financially viable Christian school that’s known in its community.

Financial accountability framework package (additional fee applies)

  • Cost-per-pupil calculations
  • Assistance with Charity Information Return forms (T3010)
  • Year-end review of financial information
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Advocacy for Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) audit cases

Financial services for affiliates

  • Financial consulting
    • Support for finance personnel
    • Financial record and statement preparation advice
    • Communication on regulatory changes and court decisions
  • Crisis management for struggling schools
  • Bulletins on legislative updates related to school finances and employment law
  • Employment advice and support
    • Triage of employment issues with schools
    • Annual compensation reports
    • Employment contracts and schedules
    • Partnership with human resource experts (for additional fees)

Other financial services available (additional fees may apply)

  • Financial consultations and workshops
    • Introduction to school finance
    • Multi-year budgeting
    • Receipting and fundraising
    • Building business plans
  • Development & advancement conferences (with the Christian School Foundation)

To request information about our Financial Services, please complete the form below.