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Through an agreement with CIBC, affiliate schools can enter into a pooled banking arrangement that offers participants basic deposit accounts with no monthly service charges, as well as reduced rates on many other banking services. Regular chequing accounts will earn interest at rates equal to or greater than those paid on short-term (180 days) deposit certificates, without the need to lock in a specific balance. Edvance also benefits from this arrangement as any excess earnings provided by the pool can be used to finance current operations.


Edvance has partnered with Oegema, Nicholson & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd. to provide a comprehensive group insurance plan for member schools through Ecclesiastical Insurance Canada. The program provides enhanced coverage limits at lower prices than schools would be able to achieve on their own and is available directly through Oegema, Nicholson or your local broker. The program has been designed specifically for schools, so members can be assured that they have the coverages they require. Low-cost liability insurance for groups that rent school facilities is also available as part of this program.

Student Assessment

Participation in NWEA's Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments provides valuable and immediate feedback to help learning leaders, teachers and resource specialists more efficiently identify students' academic progress, whether those students are not meeting benchmarks or are ahead of their grade level.

Our goal in exploring MAP is to deepen teachers' and students' ability to understand very specifically each student's current level of abilities in core skills — numeracy and literacy — so that we can help support each student more effectively in their ongoing skill development.

By administering the assessment in a student-friendly online format two to three times a year, we can know more specifically how each child is progressing in their growth and can plan specific interventions as needed for each child to succeed.

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